MuseFics are meta stories about the Writer, her Muse, and assorted Fictives (and pets). For the most part, they are set in the faux-living room in the Endless Story Mists, so I figured it was time they had a worldbook!

Since these fics are scattered about across the ‘verses, they can most easily be found under the MuseFic tag.


The Endless Story Mists

The mists are home to all the stories that have been and all the stories that might yet be. They are an endless churn of possibilities that spawn Fictives and other story elements (including faux-living room furniture) as needed.

The Writer will sometimes venture out into the Mists when tracking down a story idea, but normally stays in the Faux-Living Room.

The Faux-Living Room

This is a clearing in the middle of the story mists that shrinks or expands as needed. At a minimum, it normally includes the Writing Desk and the Semi-sentient Interdimensional Sofa. The longer the Writer has been on hiatus the smaller the room initially appears.

MuseFics have predominantly taken place in a version of the Writer’s real-world living room. Over the years this has morphed quite a bit and it no longer bears as much resemblance to reality. (Although I’d love to have an Endless Whiteboard to doodle on! ๐Ÿ˜‚)

The Story

This is the rough draft (or middle-draft) of the prose story that the MuseFic is centered around. Anything that happens in this prose will be independent of the MuesFic, as it’s mean to be a standalone story someday.

Some MuseFics are not tied to a specific story while others (like NaNo’s) spend their time bouncing back and forth between the Story and the Faux-Living Room.

Anyone can invoke the shift between the two, but most of the time it’s the Writer who drags them in and out of the Story.

Fictives (Charactors)

The Writer/Author

This is the 100% self-insert blatant cameo of, well, me! ๐Ÿ˜

All-powerful (except for when she’s not) the Writer is what drives a MuseFic story. Normally in quest of a specific writing goal, she leads the merry band on reluctant adventures.

The Muse

For a brief period, there was more than one Muse but over the years they have all solidified into one fanfic-addicted, readaholic who acts as a foil to the overly optimistic Writer.

The Muse is non-descript other than being female and almost always on her laptop reading fanfic at AO3.

The Writing Desk

This is the desk of indeterminant size (and composition) on which the Writer does her writing. Beneath it is the lair of the Plot Dragon and the warren of the Plot Bunnies.

The desk is normally onboard for the Writer’s Grand Adventures and attempts to be helpful, although it lacks the Interdimensional Cushions of the sofa and chairs.

The Plot Bunnies

These are small bunnies that embody ideas like genre or tropes. They live in the warren under the Writing Desk and are friends with the Plot Dragon.

The Interdimensional Sofa

The sofa (or couch) can change side as needed to fit folks and will helpfully offer up food and drink from the interdimensional space between the sofa cushions. It’s more sentient than the Comfy Chairs and tends to spoil the Fictives (especially new ones).

The Comfy Chairs

Sometimes there are just too many Fictives to fit on the sofa– thus the birth of the Comfy Chairs! Spawned whenever someone wishes they had a seat, these are less intelligent than the sofa, but still happy to provide whatever’s needed tucked into the interdimensional space between their cushion and arms.

The Endless Whiteboard

When the story needs doodling, the whiteboard appears! Armed with an infinite number of markers and poking out of the Story Mists, the whiteboard can endlessly expand.