Welcome to the homepage for my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel!

Per the 20-word summary thread on the NaNoWriMo forums, the story can currently be summed up as:

  • Anti-Heroes and Likable-Villains Save Part of the World (10)
  • Surviving The End of the World with Duct Tape and Catsuits (11)
  • Alec and Kat Take a Road trip to Armageddon (9)

This bodes well…

The Story So Far

The Pre-NaNo Fic

And because I can’t really keep from writing things before November actually starts… here are the pre-NaNo Musefics that you knew were coming! ^_~;;

The Plot

This year I’m outlining everything, so for now this will serve as my master plot outline. Spoilers will most likely abound. *solemn nod* The idea behind this year’s NaNo attempt is using TV Tropes to choose plot points and other important features of the story. Mostly by hitting the random button. *shifty eyes*

  1. When Good is Dumb – the book opens with the The Big Bad dispatching The Chosen One with ease.
  2. Cut to Anti-Heroes who have yet to join the fight. They determine it is time for Gondor Calls For Aid.
  3. Anti-Heroes‘ messenger arrives at Not-Quite-Evil’s gates. They bicker. A lot.
  4. There is a council meeting for the Not-Quite-Evils. They decide that it’s The End Of The World As We Know It, but that there might be hope for A World Half Full. They decide it is indeed time for Enemy Mine
  5. The champion from the Not-Quite-Evils (ye olde Dark Action Girl) joins the messenger from the Anti-Heroes. They sally forth. There is much more bickering.
  6. The first indications that The Big Bad is pulling a Divide And Conquer start to appear. There is a flare of Terrible Ticking, only it’s the Anti-Heroes not the Dark Action Girl who’s listening.

The Cast

And, because I’m already hip deep in Tropes… I’ve decided to cast this wondrous epic with fictives from my various fandoms. Which would make this fanfic, but a very very very diluted one since all I’m keeping are what they look like and bits of the personalities.

  • Brian – Human Big Bad – Kevin Spacey (And I have no idea why… o_O;;)
  • Daniel – The Chosen One – Daniel Jackson (Stargate)
  • Alec – Head of MegaTech – Ba’al (Stargate)
  • Kat – The Society – Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Matron – The Society – Dame Judi Dench (M, James Bond)
  • Zoe – Leader of The Good Guys – Zoe (Firefly)
  • Kelly – Good Guys – Ducky (NCIS)
  • Wash – Good Guys – Wash (Firefly)
  • John – Good Guys – ???
  • Sarah – Good Guys – ???
  • Trevor – Good Guys – ???
  • Balance – Neutral Immortal – Dr. Temperance Brennan (Bones)
  • Henri (Henrietta) – Neutral – Hermione (Harry Potter)