Near Future, Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy/Soft Science Fiction

Five thousand years ago Good cheated and their victory in the millennial battle for control lasted a bit longer than it was supposed to. Now Evil has finally set things right, but no one told Good that the game was on. A thousand years of darkness are on the horizon and we’re running out of flashlights…

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About the ‘Verse

This universe was created with the 2009 NaNoWriMo novel When Good is Dumb. I was trying to create something fun and Buffy-ish, which Good had already lost– sort of a humorous apocalypse. Using a cast of characters taken from different fandoms and lightly scrubbing off the serial numbers, I set off!

The basic premise is that the world is facing a thousand years of darkness, aka heavily overcast days. It’s a magical darkness (of course) so plants don’t die off completely, they just don’t grow well.

The main problem is that wherever the shadows are strong enough the dark-world overlaps with the light-world and ‘demons’ can get through. The demons are just dark-verse animals, so they aren’t sentient and they aren’t invulnerable, just thick-skinned.

The demons are sensitive to light, so most of our hero’s weaponry leans towards flashlights and lasers instead of bullets. So sort of like vampires. Or the critters from Pitch Black.

I did mention this was a giant fandom-inspired silly mess, right? 😉

Anywho, so lots of demon battling, survival/colony building, and other fun times!

In the end (of the middle) ((since I lost that NaNo)) the characters turned out a lot different from their fandom counterparts, but the cheesy fun was maintained. Imaginary Gate Team 5 also made an appearance…  and promptly settled in to build a home.

AboutWorld-building | Stories


World-building / Character-building / MuseFics

Full Cast List – List of all the characters in this universe and a quick blurb of who they are and which stories they can be found in.

Something Goes Here – in which the Writer and her Muse try and get a proper rough draft of Chewtoys finished in-between Camp NaNos.



These are listed in roughly chronological order. Daily Snippits are just random writing, Works-in-Progress (WiP) are so noted, and everything else is a finished work.

When Good is Dumb – 2009 NaNoWriMo novel, incomplete.

Night Lights – short story set during When Good is Dumb, incomplete. Currently a MuseFic about the rough draft written during 52 in 52 in 2017.

Chewtoys – short story set after the apocalypse, incomplete. Outline from June 2012 Camp NaNoWriMo.


AboutWorld-building | Stories