These are all the stories that are (as yet) unconnected to a specific universe. Most of these were written as part of the Daily Snippits so the word count is all over the place, but some are prompt fills for more orderly challenges.

Stories are listed in order of newest to oldest, so it’s easy to find stuff you haven’t read yet! 😁

We Are the Children: 281 words October 5, 2022 (500 Words)
Making teenagers save the world is a kinda a crappy move, dude. r/WritingPrompts post. (Portal Fantasy)

The Dying of the Light : 539 words May 24, 2021
Sleeping lions aren’t always dead– leave your poking sticks at home. r/WritingPrompts response. (500 Words)

The Place Where I Am Lying : 384 words July 25, 2020
Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling… r/WritingPrompts response. (500 Words)

Sin Eaters : 867 words July 6, 2020
Crime has always been about paying your debts, one way or another. r/WritingPrompts response. (500 Words)

A Promise is a Promise : 604 words September 17, 2018
Very silly. A demon asks for a promise instead of a soul. (500 Words)

I Don’t Need Your HEAs : 438 words September 16, 2018
Random soulmark ‘verse because I haven’t ever played in one of those. Reasons. I have thems. Fake song lyrics, depressing soulmarks, angst, and more angst. (500 Words)

Not That Kind Of Werewolf : 554 words August 23, 2018
Modern-day urban fantasy with a pair of mated wolves whose meet-cute is less cute and more snarky. (500 Words)

The Dread Human Jessica! : 576 words (September 18, 2018)
Modern day fantasy about why summoning humans is a bad idea. Prompt response.

Unmade : 100 words
“Tell me I’m not giving my life away for nothing.” Written for #ThursThreads – The Challenge That Ties Tales Together – Week 30.

Memo to Self : 115 words
One morning Henry awoke to find a particularly odd message scrawled on his ceiling in lipstick.

On Arboreal Advice : 218 words
“Put down the hammer and listen to me!”

The Cursed SunStone of Veramasu : 196 words
There is noise and then there is song, and while it’s a fine line between the two Soya was pretty sure Til had wandered irrecoverably into noise.

Under New Management : 307 words
“I am the death of hope!”

Promises : 298 words
There’s a rock near the shore of a green-blue sea and every night when the tide rolls in she perches on it, just high enough above the waves that she can see to the top of the hill.

Daydreams : 260 words
Dev had wanted to be a knight since he was old enough to swing sticks and imagine monsters.

Second Chances : 263 words
Rana made a business of taking heroes home.

Missa pro defunctis : 127 words
In the end, there was nothing I could do but watch her die.

Once Upon a Time : 278 words
Things were happening too fast.

Keeping Watch : 227 words
It was such a small loss, compared to the war raging around them, but the Seventh Company took it hard.