These are all the stories that are (as yet) unconnected to a specific universe. Many of them were written as prompt fills for various challenges so you’ll find a lot of drabbles and half-drabbles among the chaos.

Stories are listed in order of newest to oldest, so it’s easy to find stuff you haven’t read yet! 🙂

For Glory : 420 words June 9, 2022
There’s an evil that lurks in the woods beyond the castle’s walls. r/WritingPrompts response. (500 Words)

Like Cats and Dogs : 405 words August 27, 2018
Magical Companion Animals who are doing just fine without humans, thankyouverymuch. (500 Words)

And Ever After : 55 words November 4, 2015
If there was life after death he’d find a way to show her. Written for the 55 Word Challenge.

A Hymn for St. Anthony : 55 words
This is where churches come to die. Written for the 55 Word Challenge: Week Thirty.

Is, Was, Will Be : 55 words
Fae eyes are full of death and I saw mine reflected there. Written for the 55 Word Challenge: Week Twenty-one.

Simple Instructions : 55 words
Like this, his father said and the boy shifted his arm and changed his pose. Written for the 55 Word Challenge: Week Nineteen.

a’Courting Go : 55 words
I’m the cat that hung the moon. Written for the 55 Word Challenge : Week 17.

Love Me: 55 words
It’s love distilled, congealed, fermented into a pulsing heat that sings. Written for 55 Word Challenge : Week 16.

Pancakes With a Side of Myth : 184 words
“You don’t find magic in an IHOP.”

Mr. Magnifico vs. Miss’Terious! : 468 words
“Kindly put that down and step away from the particle accelerator.”

The Ghost of Herington Hill : 386 words (Song)
There’s a light in the limbs of the old oak tree / Where they hung the mutineer Jones.

To Every Season : 415 words
Carol was not in the habit of showing off.

Ask Me No Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies : 323 words
There was something in the way he said goodbye that made her stop, phone halfway returned to its cradle held in a suddenly trembling hand.

Of Ignorance and Angels : 159 words
It had come up in casual conversation; Bonnie was griping over a recently ex-boyfriend and Danny had said it without thinking.