Too Old for Neverland - Title Only

This page helps me keep the universe tidy and is ever-changing. It functions as an informal Wiki for the ‘verse and will expand and contract as I work through the edits. Spoilers abound!

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  • Locations
    • Sídhe/Neverland/Álfheimr/Elf-hame
      • The Gates
      • The Forest
      • The Mists
      • The Castle/Mansion/Manor
      • Humans in Neverland
    • Wendy’s Compound
  • People
    • Wendy and the unLost
      • Wendy
      • Archie
    • Normal Humans
    • Fae/Elves/Faries/Tylwyth Teg/Aes Sídhe
      • Peter
      • Campana
  • Magic



Because of the nature of the Fae, many of the places are referred to by multiple names. The primary name is listed first and the alternates follow.

The stories take place either in the real world or in Neverland (or the path to Neverland). Because of the nature of Neverland, both Wendy and Peter pop up in random times and locations.


This is the nameless place where the Fae live and where Peter takes the children. It goes by many names, but Wendy calls it Neverland (and the Writer tends to call it Neverland).

It’s another dimension/universe and time is not in sync with Earth. Leaving Neverland will bring you back to a random time and place in the real world, unless you leave with Wendy or a Fae (who can control things). Hundreds of years can pass in Neverland without changing your chances of going home on time.

Things from the real world will not age or decay while in Neverland. Returning to the real world will resume the aging process, but there is no penalty for ‘lost’ time.

The Fae can’t create new things, but they can recreate with perfection. The Fae love storytellers and they reward the best with every comfort that has ever been imagined.

The Gates

Neverland is connected to the normal world by doors that open into a forest with a dirt path. Leaving the path is a Bad Idea. If you follow the path through the forest you will come to a pair of ancient oak trees with giant iron gates hung between them.

This is where Wendy comes to Call children home and her bargain keeps her from passing through the gates. The gate isn’t locked and everyone else can come and go as they please.

The Forest

The forest that surrounds the path is also disconnected from time, but children who remain here won’t fade away like they do in Neverland. For a very few, the Path will lead them out again if they follow it, but for most, they have to wait and hope that Wendy stops by to save them.

The forest is not inherently evil, just dangerous, and the possibility of death is very real. The children can survive here, but it’s not easy, even when they band together.

The Mists

On the other side of the gate is a twilight void filled with mist and the faint light of a building in the distance. Children (or adults) who enter the mists alone will normally be able to find their way to the Castle/Mansion/Manor, but not back to the Gate.

If Wendy Calls them, the children can follow the noise and find the Gate, but travel through the void isn’t safe like the path through the forest.

The Castle/Mansion/Manor

Depending on what they expect to see, the building the Fae live in looks different to each person. Once inside there are endless corridors that lead to a constantly expanding and contracting set of rooms. Each room houses a story a child has created or an ancient room the Fae maintains.

Out every window is the perpetual twilight and the hallways will only lead to the door out when you’re looking for it.

Humans in Neverland

Things exist in Neverland only so long as the Fae are paying attention. If a child’s stories aren’t popular with the Fae, the rooms that contain the stories will slowly fade until they vanish. Without a safe room to stay in the children risks fading away themselves.

Children will coauthor stories with others to keep them safe and on rare occasions, Peter will add something to a room.

Wendy’s Compound

The farm complex where Wendy her followers live used to be a place in the real world. The longer she lived there, the less tethered to the real world the place became. Eventually, the roads leading into the property turned into the Path and stopped working reliably.


Wendy and the unLost

Wendy can Call children when they are in Neverland and if they want to they can follow the sound to the gates and escape. The children who escape are referred to as unLost within the group as a way to designate their experience.


Wendy was a teenager when she traded away her name for her powers and immortality. She doesn’t remember most of her life before the Bargain and all the unLost know is that there’s someone in Neverland that she’s trying to rescue.

She doesn’t remember her name, but the unLost call her Wendy because she refers to the Fae home as Neverland and the child-stealer as Peter.

She isn’t quite human anymore, but always looks human. What she looks like depends on what the person looking at her needs. She can recognize the Fae even when they are glamoured and is immune to their magic.

She is the only one who can Call through the mists of Neverland, but the children she calls don’t have to come home. She can’t tell if the children have faded or if they just don’t want to answer.

She has the power to find children a Home, no matter where or when that might be. One of the reasons the Farm has the magic it does is because it’s the Home that some of the kids needed.


Archie (Lost and Found) looks eleven when Wendy Calls him out of Neverland, but has spent what may be centuries inside.

Normal Humans

Wendy’s band is made up of humans who were never Lost as well as the unLost. Most of these are siblings/friends/relatives of the people who have been Lost (not all of whom Wendy has been able to Call back).

There are also side characters who are involved but not part of the group.

Fae/Elves/Faries/Tylwyth Teg/Aes Sídhe

The Fae are an immortal race with the ability to manipulate the world around them (aka magic). Outside of Neverland their magic is limited and is mostly sensory and emotional manipulation.

The Fae are things that don’t have proper names, because they are too fluid and vast to fit in them. Some Fae like Campana will take temporary names, but it severely limits them.

They don’t have a spoken language, but understand anything that is spoken to them. They very rarely talk, Peter being the sole exception.


His name isn’t Peter, but it also isn’t not Peter for reasons no one understands. He’s one of the few that Fae leave Neverland, but the only one that steals children. He usually works with Campana and is on the hunt for children who want to go Away.


Campana is the name the shapeshifting Fae chose to wear in the real world and it has power over her there (and only there). She hates Wendy and is fiercely loyal to Peter.

She appears as a variety of organic and inorganic things, depending on what’s needed at the time. But it’s not a true transformation. She isn’t actually a car (or a horse and cart), she just looks like one and humans can’t tell the difference.


For the moment, only the Fae have magic and for most their magic only works in Neverland. Within Neverland they have basically unlimited power to change reality, outside of Neverland they only have the power to change themselves and how they appear to others.