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The girl who isn’t Wendy traded away her name for immortality and a chance to stop the man who wasn’t Peter Pan from stealing any more children.

PETER PAN is partially still under copyright to Sir James Matthew Barrie and the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London. My fictives are not those fictives, so no copyright infringement is intended nor implied.

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Author’s Notes

This ‘verse grew out of my stabs at Peter Pan fanfic that quickly outran the source material. The archetypes of Wendy, Peter and the Lost Boys meshed so nicely with other child-stealer fairy tales that I couldn’t help but push at the boundaries.

This is a much darker universe than Sir Barrie’s, but not grimdark or true horror. More of an uneasy tingle down your spine and nervous whistling past graveyards. 😅

I’m in the midst of editing and rewriting the stories in order to weave them together into a coherent whole. I’ll be adding links to the blog posts to allow easier movement between the stories and at some point will lump them all together in an ebook.

For now, enjoy the mess!

Note April 2021: For years (decades) I was under the impression that Underhill was a generic name for Elf Land and it wasn’t until recently that someone questioned it and I Googled it. And nope. Nope, it belongs to Mercedes Lackey! (see: SERRAted Edge, Bedlam’s Bard, and The Doubled Edge series) So I offer a thousand apologies and have removed it. That said, it’s a testament to her writing that it’s stuck so long and so deep in my brain!


These are the stories about writing the stories (and building the universe). Read at your own risk as they contain spoilers for the stories below!

Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go : In progress. This is the story of how a Writer and a Fictive dreamed up a world! or: That time when the Writer thought it would be an awesome idea to make a proper flash fiction collection for the TOfN’verse.


The stories are listed as close to in-universe chronological order as I can get. Since time is a rather fluid thing in this ‘verse, it can get a bit messy.

Too Old for Neverland : 1,131 words February 10, 2022
Children who dreamed of going Away sometimes had their wishes answered.
This is a rewrite of Too Old For Neverland from May 22, 2006

Last Steps : 100 words January 20, 2022
Every step is a choice.

In Sunshine’s Shadow : work-in-progress
When the moon is full the girl who isn’t Wendy stands at the massive wrought iron gates to Neverland and sings.

Once Upon a Time : 100 words August 28, 2018
It’s always / never the same story.

Chains of Memory – planned

Nightmares in Amber : 100 words August 13, 2018
Neverland is nothing without His children.

Technicolor Neverafters – planned

The Tao of Names : 100 words December 13, 2006
She wasn’t Wendy, but she never had been.

This, She Keeps – planned

Momentum : 100 words January 17, 2007
Over the years Wendy collects her own band of unLost Boys.

Five for Silver, Six for Gold – planned

Synonym, Metonym, Synecdoche : 100 words August 15, 2018
Words skirt the edges of the Fae.

Warm Iron and Salted Caramels – planned

Lost and Found : 100 words July 25, 2017
All bargains have their price. Written for 100words Prompt #052 – Lost.

Five Cent Bubblegum – planned

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