Abby Thistil is a werewolf in a world that’s always had werewolves… and a hundred other were-species to boot. Well outnumbered by their human cohabitants, weres have used the centuries to work out methods of peaceful coexistence. They aren’t hated or hunted, but they aren’t human either and neither side forgets that.

For Abby, things are getting uneasy at home. With pack territorial lines shifting and the local government ramping up were-related regulations, she jumps on the first chance she gets to leave the city behind. Only that chance is a stint working at the summer camp run by her best friend from college, and she finds that things at Camp Greenwood are only slightly less crazy than what she left behind.

Scheduled Posts
Post 1 : 3/6/09, 1017 words [Greener Pastures]
Post 2 : 3/13/09, ??? words [Of Frying Pans and Fires]
Post 3 : 3/20/09, ??? words
Post 4 : 3/27/09, ??? words