Samantha was never fond of unicorns, but after last year’s drunken jaunt with a Ouija board she’s got one following her around 24-7. College was complicated enough before adding ‘monster slaying’ to her curriculum… even if most of the monsters are more worried about midterms than causing trouble.


There’s a vampire on the loose and it’s giving the local dhampires a bad name. Can Sam prove Terry’s flock’s innocence before another Unicorn team wipes them out?


Genre: Urban/Suburban Fantasy
Universe: Tales of the Drunken Unicorn
Total Posted Wordcount: 1,006/??? (In Progress)

The Ides of April
Spring semester is drawing to a close and nothing compliments finals as well as Approaching Doom™. 1,006 words

Folklore and Fermentation
Terry’s nervous, Sam is buzzed, and Jack is playing the crowd… just another party night at Hangover U. ??? words

Agent Double O Negative
With two sets of killers on the loose, it’s time to get serious. Ish. ??? words

Friends in Strange Places
Things take a turn for the messy, but it’s not Fluffy that saves Jack. ??? words

When In Rome, Fiddle
Backup arrives and things promptly go to heck in a handbasket. ??? words

High Noon in Academia
Magical Companion Animals are snarkier than you’d expect. ??? words

Going Bump In the Night
Time to hit the street and remind the vampires who’s top of the food chain. ??? words

Reality Checks
Just when things start to get simple reality takes a sudden left turn. ??? words

None Of The Above
Trick questions and modest proposals. ??? words