Welcome to my Camp NaNoWriMo August 2011 Novel!

The Plot

Three prison ships have been sent to colonize a new world. If they succeed in establishing a foothold their reward is a forgiveness of their crimes and a fresh start with their new homesteads. If they fail, they will be destroyed by the second wave of colonists.

This is the story of those three ships, their three colonies, and the hundreds of prisoners that volunteered to make up their crews.

This is a patchwork novel in which the story is told through a variety of POV characters, the stories are tied together by the overall framework but are distinct squares. Think of it as fan fiction for a book that hasn’t happened yet.

The Cast

Since there are so many POV characters, they are simply marked with a * on the lists. Folks are grouped by their colony ship, although they may not stay in the corresponding colony after landing.

The Cast from Ship Apple (Alpha)

The Cast from Ship Pear (Beta)

The Cast from Ship Banana (Gamma)

The Plot

The story is split up among the ships (and then the colonies) and randomly head-jumps between members of the crew. Right now I’m trying to find which individual stories that will make up the larger narrative, so there’s expected to be a lot of pruning later.

Overall Plot Points

  • They are Offered a Choice
  • The Ships Launch
  • Travel Between the Planets
  • Landing
  • Colony Fortifications
  • Search for the Beacon
  • Success or Death