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This page helps me keep the universe tidy and is ever-changing. It functions as an informal Wiki for the ‘verse and will expand and contract as I work through the edits. Spoilers abound!

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  • Locations
    • Briarberry Downs
  • People
    • Briarberry Downs
      • Regret (Amie’s mother)
      • Amie
      • Sai (greenwich)
      • Book (greenwich)
      • Smith
      • Carolee’s Mother
    • Night’s End
      • Echo
  • Races
  • Magic
    • Mathmagics (Greenwitch magic)



The main locations are Briarberry Downs and Night’s End. I expect there will be smaller places that pop up along the way.

Briarberry Downs

This is the small village beside the sea where Amie is born and grows up.

There is a herd of wild horses that lives along the seashore. These are beaches that the humans don’t use because the water is full of sharp rocks and it’s impossible to land boats here.

Sai’s cottage and small farm are at the very edge of the village near the beaches where the wild horses are.

Night’s End

This is where Echo (and all of the bad guys) live.


Briarberry Downs

This is a small coastal village of humans with two greenwitches. It’s primarily a fishing village.


She was a petite young woman that the townsfolk mistook for a much younger child. She has brown hair and blue eyes that seemed to change colors to match the sea.

She appeared one day in the company of the wild horses and kept to herself. The villagers left her gifts of clothing and some basic supplies when they realized she was alone.

She had her daughter Amie a few years later and left her in the care of Sai the greenwich. The only word she ever spoke to anyone was ‘regret’ which eventually became their name for her.


Amie was left in Sai’s care when she was a little more than a year old. She has blond hair, green eyes, and a talent for accidental mischeif.

She attempted to apprentice to the greenwitch until she was twelve, at which point Sai gave up the experiment and planted Book.

Sai and Book became fast friends and performed greenwitch duties together for the town (under Sai’s guidance).


Sai is the greenwitch for the town, providing herbalist remedies for people and animals and basic veterinary care.

They adopted Amie even though greenwitches don’t normally spend much time around humans and none have ever attempted to raise a human before.


Book is the apprentice that Sai planted when Amie turned twelve. They hatched much faster than expected thanks to Amie’s near-constant chatter about the world. Book wants to learn ALL THE THINGS and didn’t want to wait any longer.

Book is slightly smaller than a normal sapling because of this, but since there aren’t any other greenwitches around, no one notices.

Book loves reading and will easily get lost in studying. He is best friends with Amie.


The smith is the blacksmith for the town. He’s bad about noticing when Amie is eavesdropping.

Carolee’s Mother

Is the one who gave Book and Amie lessons on how to be human. She has multiple daughters, not just Carolee.


One of Amie and Book’s friends from the village who comes back to the cottage to hang out with them after the brawl gets them pseudo-banished. The brawl was partially her fault because Carolee is awesome at playing mama bear when her friends get picked on.


Is Amie’s boyfriend and also best friends with Book. He is Book’s apprentice since Sai is unwilling to deal with more human shenanigans (and is pretty sure it’ll never work in the long run).



Normal everyday humans. Exist in a feudal society with one kingdom (at the moment).


Greenwitches are a humanoid dryad/treant cross. They are genderless and are grown from cuttings taken from adults. The cuttings are then nurtured with magic that causes them to grow into a sort of chrysalis pod from which a new greenwitch that is similar to the parent, but not a clone, will hatch/blossom.

Saplings normally stay in the pods for six months to a year, slowly gathering information about the world around them through their root system.

Greenwitches are incredibly long-lived and most stay within their home forests, seeing the shorter-lived races as not worth the effort of interacting with.

They have an affinity for other plants and are excellent herbalists and botanists. They are also quite good with animals and general medical issues.


There will be LOTS of magic in this world, as it is full of fantasy tropes.

Mathmagics (Greenwitch Magic)

They are plants, so they have several natural senses humans don’t when it comes to sensing illness with animals, plants, or changes in weather and soil. This seems like magic, but isn’t.

The actual magic they use is referred to as mathmagics and focuses on the biological rules that underly living things. It’s lumped in with math because it’s what drives their ability to properly calculate dosages and potion mixtures.