In the land of Velanon, in the kingdom of Teravail, lies the fair city of Fenrith Lei… so begins each daring adventure told over picnic lunches on lazy summer afternoons. Stories spun first by Wendy’s husband and then, after his death, by their daughter, turn the woods out back into a glimpse of Somewhere Else. It isn’t until after a car accident leaves her daughter comatose, that Wendy faces the woods alone and discovers Velanon is more than just a fairy tale.

Pushed unwillingly through the old stone gate, Wendy finds herself trapped in a world on the brink of destruction. Caught up in the middle of a story her daughter had been telling, Wendy must fight to finish the tale before the land of Velanon unravels into the Story Beneath. With the help of a unicorn with no horn and The Cat That Walks Alone, she sets out to vanquish the evil sorcerer that’s menacing Teravail. But the more she sees, the clearer it becomes that the story Wendy’s following wasn’t spun by a twelve year-old.

As both friends and foes slowly revert to their ancient archetypes, Wendy must find a way to take control of the story before it’s too late.

Daily posts are linked and grouped in the outline below. As chapters are collected and revised, they will replace the older posts.

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The Near Side of Forever (1,371)
Previously posted as : The Cat Who Walks Alone, Let the Jungle In, Speak Friend and Enter

And Beggars Will Ride
In For a Penny (404)
The Rules of Blue and White (485)
A Single Step (376)

The Story Beneath
The Black Beast of Arrrggghhh! – (535)
Never Judge A Horse By Its Coat – (523)
The Slow Path – (424)
Story as Old as Time – (972)
Echoes of a Distant Age – (677)
Relative Uncertainty – (450)

Songs Sung by Firelight
Grab a Story by the Tale – (503)
The Hidden Storm – (329)
Parting of the Ways – (650)
Déjà Vu – (331)
King Phillip Came Over From Greece Singing – (608)*
Ode to a Tinker’s Moon – (683)
Same Song, Second Verse – (898)
Playing by the Rules – (312)

Magical Plot Coupon Away!
Rock, Paper, Water? – (509)
Look By Water and Stone – (557)
Rolling Down the River – (470)
The Cave of TARDIS** (665)
A Fair Trade – (619)
One if by Land and Two if by Sea – (606)
Norn Moirae – (478)

Low Bridge, Everybody Down
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (357)
Back to the Beginning! (397)
It Was a Dark and Stormy Tavern (796)
One Small Step for Man (439)
Fate, Destiny, and Other Annoyances (633)
Unexpected Duets (874)

On the Road Again
How Many Vu’s in Déjà? (389)
Noises in the Night (480)
Knights Before Bishops*** (403)

* Yes, it’s a science joke, so sue me. ^_~
** Not really
*** What? I could have called it Philidor Variation and that’s just silly.