Half Past Never - Tales of the Drunken Unicorn

Welcome to the not-really-weekly posting of my Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016 NaNoWriMo ‘Novel’! In which my Fictives and their Writer attempt to bring some sort of sanity to the pile of in-progress stories in the Tales of the Drunken Unicorn ‘verse.

This is unabashed MuseFic, so there will be snark and world-building and lots of spoilers. We’ll be rebuilding the short stories and flash fiction from the bones of the former corpses, abet in a slightly incoherent fashion.

Post 1 – 1,473 words
In which we begin at the beginning!

Post 2 – 1,589 words
In which we continue with the beginning, but there may now be a plot. Sneaky things, those plots!

Post 3 – 1,457 words
And lo, the first part of Sam and Fluffy’s story comes to an end… except it doesn’t really.

Post 4 – ??? words
In which the Writer refuses to move forward without some sort of outline because her fictives are Up To No Good™.