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More Talking Animals than you can shake a stick at! Magic everywhere.

The last thing Samantha had expected when she went to Delta Sigma Phi’s Halloween Party was that she’d end up the proud owner of a magical companion animal. But one drunken Ouija board adventure later, she’s got an annoyed unicorn following her around and a binding contract with no escape clause. It’s not that she minds saving the world, it’s just she’d got better things to do… like passing midterms, or finding better blackmail on her RA (Dry dorm? What dry dorm?).

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About the ‘Verse

If you haven’t noticed yet I have lots of love for Magical Companion Animals that tell the status quo to [bleep] off. This is basically my slightly sarcastic love letter to the ‘superhero teens fight evil while in high school’ genre (re: Buffy, Teen Wolf, etc.)

Right now this verse is a collection of flash fiction, drabbles, and short stories. I don’t plan on any novel-length works at the moment, it’s more of a TV show than a movie, but we’ll see! 🙂

World-building / Character-building / MuseFics

Half Past Never : ??? words (MuseFic)
The not-really-weekly posting of my Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016 NaNoWriMo ‘Novel’. In which my Fictives and their Writer attempt to bring some sort of sanity to the pile of in-progress stories in the Tales of the Drunken Unicorn ‘verse.

All Bite, No Bark : 100 words
They’re wolves that would be men. (or: Why I need yet another type of werewolf– Because reasons.)

Logically Illogical : 1,209 words (MuseFic)
Terry finds himself kidnapped into a MuseFic to help the Writer turn the outline for Three Tequila, Floor into something other than gibberish.

Ten Years Too Long : 491 words (MuseFic)
Sam attempts to blackmail her Writer into promising to do something about the progress on Three Tequila, Floor (or lack thereof).

One for the Road : 597 words (MuseFic)
Sam, Jack, Fluffy, and Terry stop by to point out that work on the rough draft of Three Tequila, Floor is moving as fast as frozen molasses.

Worldbuilding: Vampires and Portion Control : 295 words
What it says on the tin.

Daily Snippit : Urban/Suburban Fantasy : 82 words
Universe backcover blub.

AboutWorld-building | Stories


These are listed in roughly chronological story order. Daily Snippits are just random bursts of writing that often roll into part of a longer work. Works-in-Progress (WiP) are so noted, and everything else is a finished work.

Daily Snippit : 520 words
When Fluffy met Sam.

Beware the Pointy End (WiP)
Sam has a unicorn following her around campus. A unicorn.

Daily Snippit : 169 words
Fluffy objects to being Fluffy.

Daily Snippit : 209 words
In which Fluffy is Fluffy and the other students are suitably terrified.

Slaying the Princess (WiP)
In which Sam and Fluffy have their first actual battle with Evil!

Daily Snippit : 243 words
In which Sam and Fluffy debate the nature of Evil and if Terry snacking on muggers counts.

The Wolves of Windsor Dorm (WiP)
In which Sam and Jack meet each other and chaos ensues.

Daily Snippit : 164 words
When Jack meets Fluffy. (part of The Wolves of Windsor Dorm)

Daily Snippit : 285 words
Sam gears up to battle werewolves and Jack tags along. (part of The Wolves of Windsor Dorm)

Three Tequila, Floor (WiP)
There’s a vampire on the loose and it’s giving the local dhampirs a bad name. Can Sam prove Terry’s flock’s innocence before another team wipes them out?

Werewolf Sick Days (WiP)
This used to be a nice quiet campus… and then the Fire Nation attacked. Err, I mean ‘and then someone started poisoning the werewolves..’