Far Future, Soft Science Fiction

Firsts have the knack of shedding their mental humanity to slip into alien ways of thinking, which makes them perfect candidates for convincing sentient races we’re something more than animals. But once that’s done they have to find their way back again… and sometimes they need a helping hand to lead them home.

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About the ‘Verse

This is the universe that grew up around the  short story “The Rabbit Who Ate The Moon“, hence the name. It’s a soft science fiction ‘verse that focuses on the identification, training, and deployment of human ‘Firsts’ who are capable of making with other sentient but non-technological species.

Firsts are adept at mimicking and adapting non-human behaviors and thought patterns. Their job is to convince the other half of the conversation that humans are also sentient instead of just clever mimics.

“The Rabbit Who Ate The Moon” is slow and lyrical and not at all something I could ever get traditionally published. But it’s what I wanted to read when I wrote it. *pats short story fondly*

Then, once I started worldbuilding… things just took off from there! 🙂

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World-building / Character-building / MuseFics

Daily Snippit: Science Fiction : 555 words
This is a prequel to The Rabbit Who Ate the Moon from First’s perspective, another DVD extra I suppose.

Daily Snippit: Science Fiction : 262 words
This is an offshoot/DVD extra from The Rabbit Who Ate the Moon… still not sure if it belongs in the story or just as an aside.

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These are listed in roughly chronological order. Daily Snippits are just random writing, Works-in-Progress (WiP) are so noted, and everything else is a finished work.

When One Plus One is Blue : 305 words
The very first First was nothing more than an accident.

The Rabbit Who Ate The Moon (WiP)
Possible opening : 351 words
Messy Middle bits : 1,621 words
Closing Scene (maybe) : 243 words
Storybuilding for The Rabbit Who Ate the Moon : 442 words

Bringing Sarah Home (WiP)
Story Outline for Bringing Sarah Home : 442 words

Always Falling Home : 1004 words (post also includes MuseFic and rough draft as this was a 52 in 52 story)