Welcome to the haphazard posting of the world/plot/story-building for my 2016 NaNoWriMo Novel! In which my Fictives and their Writer attempt to shape the rough outline of a story from the void. All of which will probably be tossed out the window when November 1st hits, but… that’s half the fun, right? 😉

This is shameless MuseFic, so there will be snark and world-building and lots of spoilers. Of course there is also a very good chance that the November story will ignore most of the spoilers, so it’s probably a 40-60 chance at best.

Post 1 (784 words) : In which the rough outline of a story is formed from nothingness.

Post 2 (826 words) : Every story needs a fictive… or forty.

Post 3 (1,010 words) :  And lo, the fictive appeareth!

Post 4 (1,257 words) : Plot, plot, plot… in which there are two new characters and hints of a theme.

Post 5 (501 words) : In which the motivation for the journey is set and everyone is a little apprehensive about the whole mess, but look! It’s November!