Welcome to the homepage for my 2016 NaNoWriMo novel!

And yes, I really am calling it [Placeholder]. I had a lot of fun with One-Word Title and I figured I might as well embrace the literal this year. (Plus it does sort of fit the storyline at this point. 😉 )

Much like past years attempts, I’m going to be spending October plotting and planning. This page will grow as I do, hopefully including a relatively decent map of where I’m going once November rolls around. The difference this year is that I’m dreaming up all of this via MuseFic, so there’s a story to read in the meantime.

Chasing Falling Stars – The October MuseFic, in which much is talked about but very little is actually decided.

Summary and Theme

One Sentence Summary: A psychopath is kidnapped by an alien spaceship; Hijinks ensue.
Pitchline/Setting: Elephants never forget and Computers never give up.
Central Theme: Tilting at Windmills, Letting Go, Hopeless Causes ‘R Us
Genre: Science Fantasy / Soft Science Fiction
Blurb: Simon has been kidnapped by an alien spaceship with an unknown mission. Hijinks ensue.

Cast List

Simon Simon – A tall, dark, and handsome reclusive psychopath who writes self-help books for a living. While unimpressed with the rest of humanity he tolerates them and has learned how to playact normality. He owns a mostly self-sufficient cabin on the side of a mountain and prefers to live (and work) in peace.

Cat/Waiting-by-the-water – A catlike bipedal alien who is also comfortable on all fours. Was kidnapped by Ship years ago and killed the previous crewmember that Simon is replacing. Communicates through a combination of noises, smells, body movements, and patterns on the fur. His fur when calm is black, but turns white based on his emotions. The pattern displayed on the fur that is used in communications is partially learned behavior and partially instinct. He has retractable claws in his hand-paws and a wicked sense of humor.

Ship – An alien colony ship on a decoy mission. Tasked with keeping the enemy ship that is chasing him occupied so that the other colony ships could escape. Was designed for a crew of six. No weapons on board. Has a room that is a giant garden. Faster-than-light drive ignores the laws of relativity. Has a round room that is heavily protected with a cool holographic map. Is able to scout for sentient life using small wormholes, but must divert all power to do so. Stores raw materials for repairs on the outside of the hull as additional protection against projectiles.

Shadow Ship – An alien ship that is trying to destroy our heroes. This fella has weapons and no worries about using them. It has a lower tech level, so when scanning for lifeforms it’s only looking for some basic parameters, which is why Ship can trick it with Cat and Simon.

The Herd – Fear Thems!

The Flock – Save Thems!

General Outline

Day 1 – A Beginning Of Sorts [MuseFic only]

Day 2 – And Then There Was Kidnapping

Day 3 – A Meeting of the Minds

Day 4 – Ask a Stupid Question..

Day 5 – Rage in a High Tech Cage

Day 6 – Grand Plans and Other Pipedreams [MuseFic only]

Day 7 – First Contact

Day 8 – A Walk in the Darkness [MuseFic only]

Day 9 – A Third of the Way to Nowhere

Day 10 – And Lo, There Were Sick Days [MuseFic only]

Day 11 – Polar Bears in the Snow [MuseFic only]

Day 12 – Of Dark Horses and Longshots

Day 13 – And Then There Was Plot

Day 14 -Running in Place [MuseFic only]

Day 15 – Totally Termites!

Day 16 – Bug Busters R Us

Day 17 – Blank Pages and Other Fancy Stuff

Day 18 – Weird Dreams, Dropping the Bass, And Other Fancy Stuff

Day 19 – A Whole Lot of Nothing

Day 20 – Planet Ahoy!

Day 21 – Ones and Zeros

Day 22 – Reality’s Odds and Ends

Day 23 – Bargains

Day 24 – Thanksgiving  [MuseFic only]

Day 25 – On The Road Again

Day 26 – Behold The Herd

Day 27 – Plans A Through Z

Day 28 – First Impressions

Day 29 Out Of the Caves, For Realz

Day 30 – And At Last, The End