NaNoWriMo 2015!

Day 1 – In which the Writer and Jon hammer out the basics of Life, the Veil, and Death.
Day 2 – In which the Writer was sick and napped.
Day 3 – In which the Writer, Jon and Akela/Winjya/Winnie figure out the basic plot of the story
Day 4 – Where the Writer writes 400-odd words and wanders off (words are included in the day 7 post)
Day 5 – Nada
Day 6 – Even less Nada
Day 7 – Where the Writer realizes that she may be writing Short Stories again, meets the Pilot’s Little Bad (Owen) and hashes out the Season 1 Bid Bad. Also, Jon and Winjya go on a walkabout in the Veil to try and reinvent the other Dogs.
Day 8 – Where Owen gets actual backstory prose (even if it’s a horrible draft), Ven gets a name, and the Writer gets sidetracked into debates on how bloodbonds happen and why.
Day 9 – Sick again. Woo.
Day 10 – DO. NOT. WANT. *ragequit*
Day 11 – In which the Writer Cowboy’s Up and puts words to paper. Also, the plot of the pilot is hammered out and actual prose is written.
Day 12 – In which actual prose gets sidelined for more character building. The ‘real’ bad guy gets a name and Winjya get’s the pack introduction she was looking for. Also, random Hound.
Day 13 – Headache to end all headaches in which the Writer seriously considered self-decapitation as a method of pain management.
Day 14 – The nameless Hound gets prose, but probably not prose that is from the pilot. Also, lots of randomly connected word sprints.
Day 15 – Making sense of the previous days (11-14) and then working
Day 16 – More words go here, but more fiddling around formatting and posting earlier stuff