Of Demons Dark Magic and Kibble eBook cover

Welcome to the homepage for my 2018 NaNoWriMo MuseFic novel in which I will try to whip up 50,000 words or rough draft for a fantasy story over the course of 30 days!

50,000 Goal –
8888 Current wordcount 

Summary and Theme

One Sentence Summary: A cat and a dog have to save the world.
Pitchline/Setting: Err, Homeward Bound… only not?
Central Theme: I have no clue.
Genre: High/Second World Fantasy
Blurb: A magical cat and dog go on a quest to stop a magical forest from attacking the kindgom they live in.

Cast List

Aumbra –A grey long-haired cat who is on his Ninth life and is seeing visions of his city being attacked by blue-eyed demons.

Berri  – An orange long-haired tabby cat who has a short haircut because he is a scholar who works in the library. Best friend (this lifetime) to Aumbra.

Bochus – Older war pig who is in charge of the army basic training for the city they are in. Friend of Aumbra.

Gunther – War dog who is reluctantly joining Aumbra on his quest.

The Story Thus Far

Blank Pages and Empty Rooms – in which the story beings (MuseFic)

Begin With a Dream – in which Aumbra sees the firey future, talks to Berri and Bochus about the blue-eyed demons

End With The Beginning – in which the animals and the Muse try to get the story started without the Writer (MuseFic)

History of the World, Part B – the story of how the magical animals moved out of the forest and in with the humans (backstory)

Late is Never Better – in which the Writer finally shows up and starts plotting (MuseFic)

Clarke’s Law and Black Boxes – in which magic is hashed out (backstory)

Big Bad Boogeymen – in which the Writer et al. start to figure out how visions work (MuseFic)

Improbable Futures – in which Aumbra sees Gunther in a vision for the first time

One if by Dream and Two if by Nightmare – in which Gunther connects via dreamstate to Aumbra and kicks off the quest

The Western War – in which the pseudo-living room plots a war