A Tunnel at the End of the Light eBook Cover

As has become my normal insanity, I am spending part of the month before the 2018 April Camp NaNoWriMo using MuseFic to world and story build for my project. There will be snark and sass and lots of chaos as the Writer, Muses, and Fictives-Yet-To-Be try and get a handle on their new world.

You have been warned…

Day -16 : And We’re Off! : In which the Writer and Muse both have no idea what is going on, but it’s NaNo Prep so that’s pretty much par for the course. A plot bunny is chosen and an idea is had!

Day -10 : A Plotting We Will Go : In which the Writer, Muse, and wolpertinger start hashing out descriptions and plot points.

Day -5 : Two if by Blood : In which the Writer, Muse, and fictives hash out (in vague terms) where they live, why they agree to the quest, and just what sort of fantasy they are in.

Day -1 : Magic, Magic, Do As You Will : In which the Writer panics with last-minute worldbuilding late at night, the Muse attempts to point out the obvious, and the rest of the fictives have already thrown in the towel.