[NULL] April Camp NaNoWriMo 2018 eBook cover

Welcome to the homepage for my April 2018 Camp NaNoWriMo MuseFic novella/novelette in which I will try to whip up a decent rough draft of a fantasy story over the course of 30 days. Right now I’m aiming for a short novella, but we’ll see where the story takes me…

I’m trying to take a slightly more organized stab at NaNo this time, so I’ve roughed out what scenes I should be writing each day in order to end up with a complete story. Combine that with a little bit of story and world-building in the MuseFic prequel, A Tunnel at the End of the Light, and we might just have a plan! ๐Ÿ™‚

15,000 Goal – 10,211 Final wordcount 

Summary and Theme

One Sentence Summary: Parents have to finish a quest their kid started to get flowers that will prevent a river snake monster from waking up.

Pitchline/Setting: yay parents? I dunno… always have a Plan B?

Central Theme: …no clue yet

Genre: High/Second World Fantasy

Blurb: Mom and Dad have to take their kid’s wolpertinger into the mountains to find a valley where magic flowers grow and bring back the seeds. The magic flowers will be planted along the banks of the river to keep the river monster from waking up, but this is Plan B. Plan A is to kill the monster when it wakes up, but this is the sidekick’s quest story not the hero’s.

Cast List

Father โ€“ Who is willing to try and get the flowers after Wuli shows him how important it is. Short greying hair. Love of coffee.

Mother โ€“ Who thinks this is a stupid idea but is going anyways. Quilts as stress relief.

??? – Eldest sister (1 of 7) Married with kids.

Einar – Eldest brother (2 of 7), who thinks this is the stupidest idea in the history of ideas. Married with kids.

??? – (3 of 7) Married with kids.

??? – (4 of 7) Single.

Hexa (Kid) โ€“ Second youngest sister (5 of 7), who has broken her leg while questing and has to stay home instead of getting the seeds from the flowers.

??? – Youngest brother (6 of 7) Single.

Siban – Youngest sister (7 of 7), who thinks it’s not a horrible idea, but that it’s not something they can do. Widowed, no kids.

Jeden – Hero who is planning on fighting the river monster when it awakens.

Wuli (Wolpertinger) โ€“ Knows where the flowers are (sort of) and is magically bound to the kid, but can work the parents somewhat because of the blood relationship. Small-horse-sized hare with short deer antlers, a fox tail, tiger fangs, lion’s ruff, and falcon wings. Dirty tan, aka normal hare coloring.

River Monster – Giant snake that sleeps in the river bed. It wakes up every 500 years and will destroy anything within its territory. While it is asleep it leaches magic from the surrounding area. When it’s awake magic pulses off of it in waves.

Horse/Man – A black horse who can shapeshift and who lives in the river valley where the yellow flowers grow. He lives in a cottage that is larger on the inside and likes to eat the yellow flowers. He is several millennia old and questors have been to his valley before.

The Story Thus Far

Day 4 – According to the Prophecy (1,859) – In which a town is invented and characters are characterized.

Day 17 – Trust Me, I’m A Bunny  (1,278) – In which Hexa explains the quest and everyone tells her Hell No.

Day 18 – Black, Two Sugars (1,752) – In which Wilu and Hexa win arguments with brute force and plans are made.

Day 24 – End At The Beginning (2,065) – In which they skip to the end of the story to find out where it’s going.

Day 26 – Who The What Now? (1,945) – In which things are explained and make even less sense.

Day 30 – Too Late For Happy Endings (1,136) – In which they have run out of time, but keep typing anyway.