This universe is based off the world from The Mists of Haiyts, which is yet another unfinished short story from my archives (gotta catch ’em all!)

Basic premise is that some people can hear people’s ghosts when they are close enough to the bones of someone who was not laid to rest properly. Listeners travel the world helping to bring peace to these ghosts (sometimes if they want it or not) and to provide council to the living.

Some ghosts choose to travel with the Listeners and thus many have necklaces or bracelets of bone with them. The ghosts can affect the living world somewhat, so having them around is almost as useful as actual magic. Which nobody has.

Fantasy world without magic, I choose you! Hah.

Sum-up: Listeners talk to ghosts and help people… But mostly dead people.

In Peace : 1183 words June 21, 2014
It was a Listener’s job to put the dead to rest, no matter whose dead they were. (A Pel story.)

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