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This page helps me keep the universe tidy and is ever changing. It functions as an informal Wiki for the ‘verse and will expand and contract as I work through the edits. Spoilers abound!

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This is a combined worldbook and there are story acronyms noting which ones have referenced the item. If you are looking for worldbooks for a specific story, check out the link from those pages instead.

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This is a High Fantasy/Second World so at some point I’ll need maps…

Locations are grouped by geography.

> Fox Kingdom

May’s home kingdom

>> Pine Reach

Where the hatching is

>> Twin Beaches

Two fishing ports

> Desert

Really big, really dead desert (that gets deader the closer you get to the hole)

>> Hole

A hole in the ground

Locations | Foxhawks | Magic


> Fox Kingdom Humans

>> Maybelle (May)

Baker, hero, etc

>> Cybil

Best friend, will rule the world town someday

> Fox Kingdom Foxhawks

These are the other half of the magical companion sentient partnership, not that the humans know that

>> Baron

Widow(ish), hero, etc.

>> Minder

Older bachelor male who takes care of the hatchlings

>> Omen (aka The Golden)

Bad Omen, bringer of war, and mostly bratty kid

> Invading Army

The folks from across the sea

>> Commander

Is a dude

>> Stormhawk Elder

Is another dude

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Locations | Cast | Foxhawks


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