All of the above!

What follows are the fandoms in which my Muses paused only for a moment. If I someday come back around for another pass, I’ll bump them up to their own pages. For now they’ll just hang out here and mingle. *pats plot bunnies fondly*

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Listed in the order written, newest on top.


And Thus Avenge The Rose : 100 words (08/04/08)
I blow the faithless butterfly against / The rose-red thorn, and thus avenge the rose; Written for drabbles Day 14 Prompt: Song/Poem: Said the West Wind by Isabella Valancy Crawford.

Ranma 1/2

Tipping Points : 100 words (05/02/17)
Written for fic_promptly challenge Yuck! prompt: Any, Any, cleaning hair out of the shower drain.

Kasumi Ponderings : 842 words (09/08/97)
Ever wonder what Kasumi does all day?


Leftovers – 234 words (08/07/06)
Why ‘normal people’ are important too. (Set in the Ancor/Hardon war.)

Of Covers and Books – 100 words (03/06/06)
Some steeds are more noble than others…

Feeling Blue – 127 words (03/06/06)
Some things just have to be done.

Old Blue Eyes – 2128 words (11/08/05)
Sing, sing a song, make it simple to last the whole night long… (Note: This story is a little broken and takes great liberties with the abilities of Bards and Companions. It was a fun little plot bunny, but this is not canon at all.)