Jonathan Black has spent his life fighting for the right to just be Jon. Hounded by teachers, his boss, and even his fast tracking big sister, to stop ‘wasting his potential’, Jon is bound and determined to reject the corporate rat race and everything that it stands for.

Akela’s pack has just lost its Huntsman and with the threat of organized resistance looming on the horizon they’ve got no time to lose. These ethereal Dogs guard the Veil between life and death and come hell or high water Jon’s going to help them do it.

But the organized syndicate of Veil walkers is not about to go down easily and The Powers That Be think it is about time that light side and dark side Hunts started working together…


This was my 2007 NaNoWriMo novel and as such is currently horribly fragmented and full of retcons, plotholes, and Joss’ing.

But fear not! This story is also currently on my workbench and new and improved posts should start showing up in the next few months. For now, the old version is offered for your amusement.


Story In Order

Tricks of the Light
Jon runs into an out-of-place dog at work, but thinks nothing of it… until it returns later and shows him just how out-of-place it really is.
(was: A Bark in the Night, And So It Begins, a bit of A Haunting of Hounds, Of Lawyers and Astronauts)

The Chapter Without a Silly Name
Jon is still seeing ghosts, and this time he’s sure he’s awake. After work he calls in the help of his two best friends who aren’t as helpful as hoped.
(was: a bit of A Haunting of Hounds, Welcome to the Twilight Zone)

Through the Wild Wood Green
In which the ghost dogs take things into their own paws any semblance of normality goes right out the window. Also: the dogs use Jon as their pokemon to bring down a Hindsman.
(was: Repression is the Better Part of Valor, The Binds That Tie, The Devils You Know)

Interesting Times
In which normality attempts to reassert itself.
(was: )

Insanity Loves Company
Hunter arrives and things go from confusing to downright odd.
(was:Welcome to the Party, Not the Dogs You’re Looking For, Bloodgifts Redux)

It is a Small Small World
The other Huntsmen finally track down their newest member and haul him off for training, over Jon’s objections.
(was: AKC of Sorts, RTFM, Semi-Friendly Ambushes)

No, I Expect You to Die
Jon gets captured, escapes, and still isn’t sure what’s going on.
(was: )

Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo?
A clue is found, now off to arrest the killer! Err, sort of
(was: The Dead Man Mafia)

The Secret Lair
Time to storm the castle!
(was: No Shadows Here)

Unsorted Bits

Armed and Not Very Dangerous
Calling Shotgun
Cod Help Us All
Good Intentions
Is Too Much, I Sum Up
Lead On, I Follow
Meanwhile, In The Future
The Best of Bad Choices
The Hunt is On
Time For Plan B
Voices of Reason

Things That Aren’t Quite Story

More Randomness
Randomly Random


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