Dead Roses'verse

This page helps me keep the universe tidy and is ever-changing. It functions as an informal Wiki for the ‘verse and will expand and contract as I work through the edits. Spoilers abound!

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So far the stories take place in the decaying castle/manor, with a minor mention of the village in which Rose was kidnapped.

The Castle/Manor

This place has been falling apart for decades and while not completely destroyed, it’s not a comfortable living situation (for humans).




He was rude to a not-so-good fairy who cursed him in revenge. He did not find true love in time and is now stuck as an immortal beast.

He’s a very large monster, mostly grizzly bear, with massive curled ram horns, a bushy fox tail, and hints of wolf and bobcat about the face and legs. He primarily walks on all fours but can stand on his hind legs (like a bear) when needed.

He can talk, but it’s a bit garbled by the lack of a proper mouth. He has bear’s paws and not hands, so fine manipulation of things is a bit of a pain.

He is quite grumpy.


She is a traveling, err, something who was kidnapped while passing through the village near the castle. She had a horse and traveling supplies, but it was all stolen.

She is also quite grumpy.