High Fantasy, Beauty and the Beast Parody(ish)

Dead Roses'verse

Come take a look through the Worldbook!

Once upon a never-after there was a Beast that no one loved in time. An immortal monster doomed to haunt the decaying remnants of his life, forgotten as anything other than a misremembered fairy tale…

Author’s Notes

This ‘verse was spawned by a #vss365 prompt response that immediately demanded to be something longer. Since I needed a bit of cheer with the pandemic ramping up all around me, I said phooey on it and ran with it!

This is not (and will not be) a romance, it’s a friend-mance! So please don’t expect curses to be undone through the power of True Love, because that boat has very firmly sailed.


Dead Roses and Crossbows : In progress. Rose’s day goes from annoying to very annoying when she’s tossed over the wall into the lair of a very grumpy cursed… person? She’s pretty sure it was a person. Probably.

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