Welcome to the homepage for my June 2012 Camp NaNoWriMo novel-thingy! (Also known as: Seven Stories and MovieNovel)

Unlike last year’s Camp, this time I’ll be working on a collection of short stories that add up to 50k instead of a novel. (I’m planning for 10 stories at 5k each, but am hoping for six stories at 8.5k)

It’s rebel-ish since the stories aren’t connected in any way, but since short story collections are allowed… I’m still technically on the straight and narrow.

And knowing my Muses they’ll probably end up thematically coherent by random chance. *sighs*

Anywho, to the plot-mobile!

I’ll be blogging the apocalypse during June, but this time around I’m not posting the rough drafts as they are written. I’m going to try and get one story done before starting on the next, but I’m also allowing room for wild tangents.

Fo lo, wild tangents are mandatory during NaNo. *solemn nod*

Da Stories

  1. Inheritance : (Rough Story Outline)
  2. Cultural Infestations : (Rough Story Outline)
  3. Last Requests : (Rough Story Outline)
  4. Favors : (Rough Story Outline)
  5. Chewtoys : (Rough Story Outline)
  6. Ties That Bind : (Rough Story Outline)
  7. Natural Instincts : (Rough Story Outline)
  8. A Song for Vacuums : (Rough Story Outline)
  9. Building a Better Mouse : (Rough Story Outline)
  10. Bringing Sarah Home : (Rough Story Outline)
  11. Office Heretics
  12. What a Heart Wants
  13. Battle of the Margins
  14. Choices
  15. Dog Shaped Objects
  16. Genealogy
  17. Hydroponics
  18. Control
  19. Rivers of Blood and Bone
  20. Nameless Things