Near Future, Soft Science Fiction

One morning the Earth woke to an alien ultimatum: tithe its children to the Fleet in exchange for defense against the interstellar war that was coming or face annihilation alone. They had a year to decide. Twelve months that lasted forever –that lasted a heartbeat– but in the end, they accepted. On Exodus, ten percent of the population between the ages of five and thirty-five vanished. In exchange the Ship left the accumulated knowledge from hundreds of worlds already harvested… and blueprints for ships of their own. Earth has forty years, four alien advisers, and an oncoming century of war.

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About the ‘Verse

I have a lot of universes that sprung from attempts to file the serial numbers off my Stargate Atlantis fan fiction… and this is one! However it deviated from the source material so far that the two aren’t even faintly compatible. Even if I can’t use it for the intended purpose, it’s still a great little ‘verse to play in! 🙂

This is one of the universes that was specifically created for flash fiction instead of longer stories.

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World-building / Character-building / MuseFics

Worldbuilding : 1,462 words
Outlining the basic premise and doing the math on what ‘decimating’ the population would look like. (Behold, MATH!)

Worldbuilding : 1,031 words

Worldbuilding : 145 words
A little bit more Drake’s Equation math

Outline for Building a Better Mouse : 520 words
This was the outline for the June Camp NaNoWriMo short story.



These are listed in roughly chronological order. Daily Snippits are just random writing, Works-in-Progress (WiP) are so noted, and everything else is a finished work.

Twin Ponds : 305 words
Twin Ponds was a tiny town, but it had always been tiny; little more than a collection of houses in the midst of unbounded prairie.

Aiden : 153 words
A year ago, our future died; the hopes and dreams of youth, withering in the oncoming thunder of a century of war.

Jess : 474 words
Ten percent of the population was twenty percent of my friends.

Chloe : 283 words
It’s the night before the exodus —two hours, five minutes and counting— and there’s nothing left to do.

Daily Snippit : 232 words
“Life is pain!”

Daily Snippit : 611 words
When the ship left, four Advisors remained behind.

Exodus : 231 words
No one had slept.

Digging a Grave in the Sky : 100 words (poem)
There’s an arc in the sky, a thin grey line,

Elm Creek : 273 words
There are only two people left in Elm Creek who remember when it was simply The Ship, without qualifiers or descriptions required.

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