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This page helps me keep the non-MuseFic bits of the story tidy and is ever-changing. It will expand and contract as I work through the edits. Spoilers abound!

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  • Eighth’s POV – explosion in the tunnel and his panicked sinking of the area
  • not-Bond’s POV – helping not-Alec take out the bad guys, capturing the rogue werewolf (Jru), Mother wants to go find Eighth
  • Eighth’s POV – packing up the apartment and planning his escape with not-Mycroft
  • not-Bond’s POV – helping not-M try and put the fear of God in the IT department, sparring with not-Alec and wondering about the mystery sink
  • Eighth’s POV – boredom in the safe house, dealing with not-Sherlock and not-John trying to bolster his spirits, brainstorming about the Bad Guys
  • not-Bond’s POV – grumping with Alec over the fact they aren’t allowed to get near Jru
  • Jru POV – incarceration info-dumping, Jeremy stops by with floor pizza