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Eighth has spent his whole life in hiding, but an accident in a tunnel sets the clock ticking on his freedom. Can he escape back into anonymity before the Agency catches him or was that web of lies his last?

NOTE: This is a MuseFic in which the Writer, the Muse, and her fictives work to create the rough draft of a story (or just worldbuild). There will be spoilers for the story being drafted, which will most likely contain plot holes, retcons, and other inconsistencies.

Genre: Urban/Suburban Fantasy (and MuseFic)
Universe: Bitter Mint’verse
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, Cursing & Violence
Total Posted Wordcount:  8,589 (In Progress)
Worldbook (Spoilers!) | Synopsis (also Spoilers!)


Opening With a Bang– err Bond! 1,921 words
The Writer shows up, new fictives in tow, and tries to convince everyone that this will be an awesome idea! …The fictives aren’t so sure.

Home Sweet, Burn Notice 2,049 words
In which powersets are roughed out, notMycroft and notMI6 are introduced, and the fictives are sure Eighth is insanely overpowered and this will all end in tears (and hopefully more explosions).

Of Boredom and Bad Guys 2,145 words
Jru waltzes her way into the story, Eighth meets up with not-Sherlock and not-John, and the fictives hammer out the basics of a plot!

Worldbuilding via Floor Pizza 2,128 words
Jru takes over the POV in retaliation for being captured, Jeremy stops by to cause chaos, and everyone slowly realizes the ‘verse is missing lots of basic information.

For Want of a Rules Lawyer ??? words
Everyone pitches in and helps build solid foundations for the Agency and Control.

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