Mostly Modern/Near Future, Empaths, Werewolves

Bitter Mint'verse

Come take a look through the Worldbook!

Author’s Notes

This ‘verse popped into being one day while I was pondering the idea of how to weaponize psychic vampires (you know, normal lunchtime ponderings). How it ended up shanghaied by the James Bond fictives, I’m still not sure– but once Q was involved the Sherlock fictives joined the fun.

I am 120% positive that by the end of the rough draft all the Fandom bits will have been well and truly filed off. Until then, bear with me!

This is not a romance, but has a strong theme of ‘family’s what you build yourself’ so fraternal love abounds, bro. The tone is dark because, well, James Bond, so expect general unpleasantness.


These are the stories about writing the stories (and building the universe). Read at your own risk as they contain spoilers for the stories below!

Bitter Mint and Chocolate : In progress. Eighth has spent his whole life in hiding, but an accident in a tunnel sets the clock ticking on his freedom. Can he escape back into anonymity before the Agency catches him or was that web of lies his last?

In Plot Pursuit : In progress. James, Eighth and Alec use NaNoWriMo 2019 to bully their Writer into building their backstory, filling in plot holes, and generally getting the Bitter Mint’verse up and running!

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