Centuries ago a dying witch cursed an evil Baron and his seven sons… but the curse didn’t go quite as planned.

Generations later the Baron’s descendants –by blood or adoptive oath– roam an increasingly urban world.

The Southside dump pack is a loose collection of accidental werewolves, created by someone else’s oath. Existing on the edges of traditional pack structures and territories, all they want to do is pretend to be human.


Set in the same world as Silverwitch, this the first (of hopefully many) stories of Southside.

Genre: Urban/Suburban Fantasy
Total Posted Wordcount: 8,214 (Completed 02/13/2012)

Table of Contents

Only Immortal Till You Die Meg meets Christopher at the airport and things go downhill from there. 910 words

Su Casa es Mi Casa Christopher meets Theo and Susan, drama ensues. 886 words

Best of Bad Situations They knew things were bad, but Christopher’s arrival brings more chaos than expected. 1,312 words

Old Dogs, Old Tricks Old legends have sharp teeth and Meg’s evening goes from bad to worse. 1,340 words

Retail Warriors The safety of her friends at stake, Meg isn’t going down without a fight. 1,476 words

Too Stupid To Die What it says on the tin. 1,145 words

Happily Ever After The End. 1,077 words