For two hundred years the town of Rockfall has been home to something more than human… and no one has noticed.

Werewolves go missing now and then, but like outdoor cats they almost always come back. When Zee goes looking for a lost pack member he find himself following a string of disappearances that go back decades. Ghost stories and folklore aside, he’s pretty sure there’s something lurking in the mountains that’s developed a taste for wolves.

Unaware of just how much trouble he’s found, Zee’s hot on the trail of whoever (or whatever) has been causing wolves who stray through Rockfall to vanish.

Genre: Urban/Suburban Fantasy
Total Current Wordcount: ???

Daily posts are linked and grouped in the outline below. As chapters are collected and revised, they will replace the older posts.


Into the Woods : In which we introduce our setting and our rather surly protagonist Zee, who listens to the Local Alpha With No Name– but only barely.

Fairytales and Folklore : In which we learn jump rope songs and Zee ponders the nature of Things What Eat Werewolves™.

Bound by Blood and Silver : In which we introduce our second protagonist, Mira, who is only slightly less surly with just as good a reason.

Here There Be Wolves : In which Zee stops to sniff the tree trunks until the urge to annoy his Alpha overcomes his common sense.

Move Along Little Doggie : In which Zee meets Mira and she is Not Impressed.

This Year, Next Year, Sometime, Never : In which Mira is decidedly devious, and there is pottery. More or less in that order.

Of Horses and Water : In which Zee is annoyed and Stillwater is unimpressed.

One is for Sorrow : In which the Silverwitch is Not To Be Trifled With™. (Warning: Blood, Violence, and Gory-bits here-in.)