Welcome to the homepage for my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel!

Much like last year’s novel, I’m going to be spending October plotting and planning. This page will grow as I do, hopefully including a relatively detailed map of where I’m going once November rolls around.

Then once pen can finally hit paper, I’ll be posting the rough draft as I go. Sometimes it’s not as linear as I’d like, but I’ll link everything in order down below.

*puts on her Spelunking hat* Time to start building some bones! 😀

Summary and Theme | Cast List | Five Act Overview

Summary and Theme

One Sentence Summary: A newly elected alpha werewolf faces the daunting task of keeping a dumppack of accidental wolves safely hidden in suburbia.
Pitchline/Setting: Urban Fantasy gets a Day Job
Central Theme: Life is what you make of it, but even the small choices matter.
Genre: Suburban (Urban) Fantasy
Blurb: With the Southside Dumppack still reeling over the loss of their old alpha, Meg must find a way to salvage the mess before the Council decides their pack is better off disbanded. Forced to rely on help from the Northern Pack that wants them to fail, she’s learning the hard way what being a child of the Baron really means…

Cast List

Southside Dumppack : Meg, Theo, Susan, Yusuf, Quentin, Will, Keeper/Derek, Sofia, Remi

Ashes Pack : Touchstone/Weed, Bryony, Azami, Lily, Iolanthe, Jacinta, Leilani,

Northside Pack : Nico, Merlin

Clearfield Pack : Ricky, Julia, Gordon

Everyone Else : Christopher, Cole, Mei, Rodrick, Leslie, Officer Hunter, Officer Chase, Marilyn, Anane

FiveFour Act Overview

Each act should work out to roughly 10,000 words– at least that’s the initial plan. Each Act is linked to a Monday post that will go live as the months goes on. If all works as planned they should be more or less complete when they post. *crosses fingers*

Act I – Death and Taxes

Current wordcount: 7,475

Unhelpful Help : Merlin, Meg, Meg’s house, Northern Packs and Rules Lawyers
Too Much, I Sum-up : Meg, Theo, Susan, Meg’s house, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene
Ticket to Hide : Yusuf, Meg, Meg’s house, Werewolf Protection Programs
Health to the Company : Meg, Cole, Mei, Rodrick, Leslie, Bookstore All good things must end
Innocent Bystanders : Meg, Mei, Rodrick, Officer Hunter, Officer Chase, Bookstore parking lot The Cops are Not Impressed

Act II – Of Frying Pans and Fires

Current wordcount: 7,301

Kick it Up a Notch : Meg, Christpher, phone call Dumppacks are for dumping
Hiding in Plain Sight : Being immortal sucks
Three’s Company, Twelve’s a Mob : Pecking orders and trust issues
White Knights and Other Oddities : Christopher arrives to help
And Then There Was One : On becoming and ex-Parrot

Act III – The Wolves We Might Have Been

Current wordcount: 8,663

Triage : Stopping the panic and taking stock
Another Log on the Fire : The fate of the Clearfield Pack
Dreams of Ash : About what comes next, Theo goes missing
Meg to the Rescue : Sabotage!
This Calls For A Plan : Curses 101
Evil is as Evil Does : Meet the anti-anti-hero

Act IV – Cold Trails

Current wordcount: 4,279

Bad Bargains : Susan’s grandfather shows up
Follow Your Nose : On the hunt
No Stupid Questions : Thinking outside the box
Check and Mate : And lo, things work out in the end

New Equations : Not quite Happily Ever After
And So Passed November : MuseFic