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Centuries ago a dying witch cursed an evil Baron and his seven sons… but the curse didn’t go quite as planned. Generations later the Baron’s descendants (by blood or adoptive oath) roam an increasingly urban world.

In this ‘verse, becoming a werewolf is sometimes all about embracing who your family really is. (Hint: they aren’t the Good Guys.)

Come take a look through the Worldbook!

Author’s Notes

I have a lot of variations on the werewolf/werecritter theme, but this is one of my favorites to date. I was playing around with the hereditary and curse aspects of the werewolf mythos and it occurred to me that a curse might not care if there was an actual genetic relationship… and the Baron’verse was born!

I started off with Silverwitch, but the Southside Dumppack quickly grabbed ahold of the Muses and ran, so Meg and her misfits have a lot more onscreen time than Zee.


The Baron’verse lends itself to multiple storylines following different sets of characters, so right now there are two big sub-verses that have related stories. There are also a bunch of stories unrelated to these. I’ve listed the two large collections first and the unaffiliated fics are below those.

These are listed in roughly chronological order. Daily Snippits are just random writing, Works-in-Progress (WiP) are so noted, and everything else is a finished work.


Tales of the Southside Dumppack

The dumppack is a loose collection of misfits and accidental werewolves, created by someone else’s oath– existing on the edges of traditional pack structures and territories, all they want to do is pretend to be human.

The Wolves We Are : 8,214 words
The alpha of the Southside Dumppack is dead and the Council’s ‘Crisis Management Expert’ is coming into clean up the mess.

Paper Wolves : NaNoWriMo 2012 (WiP)
With the Southside Dumppack still reeling over the loss of their old alpha, Meg must find a way to salvage the mess before the Council decides their pack is better off disbanded. Forced to rely on help from the Northern Pack that wants them to fail, she’s learning the hard way what being a child of the Baron really means…

All The King’s Horses : 100 words
It’s never a good day to die. (Meg’s POV)

Daily Snippit : 203 words
Meg’s POV immediately prior to the start of The Wolves We Are


The Silverwitch series

This subverse started out as a standalone serial story and then quickly spiraled out from there. While this was the first official Baron’verse story, some of it has been retconned by the Dumppack stories and needs fixing.

Silverwitch (WiP)
For two hundred years the town of Rockfall has been home to something more than human… and no one has noticed.

Ties That Bind (WiP)

Daily Snippit : 173 words
From the days (or more accurately hours) before Zee inherited the werewolf curse.

Daily Snippit : 314 words
Zee has fun with controlled shifting…

Daily Snippit : 351 words
What Mira was thinking when she set out to attract Zee’s attention. Possibly repetitive from earlier posts, but I needed a place to start.


Unrelated Stories / One-shots

What it says on the tin. Listed in the order written.

Sins of the Father : 538 words September 8, 2018
Anane talks about the Black family curse. (500 words)

On Being Batman : 100 words February 8, 2017
Some things are worth the price.

Chasing the Wolf : 100 words May 18, 2016
Feral wolves never stop running.

Ash to Ash : 147 words May 18, 2011
Some fairy tales have teeth.

World-building / MuseFics

These are the stories about writing the stories (and building the universe). Read at your own risk as they contain spoilers for the stories below!

It’s Not A Story Till Somebody Dies : 686 words
In which, Meg points out her lack of protagonist-y behaviors during the current draft of The Wolves We Are.

Patching Plot Holes : 804 words
In which, the Writer complains about the plot of The Wolves We Are and Christopher points out it’s all her fault, but helps fix it anyway.

Daily Snippit : 241 words
An overview of the Werewolf Curse