500 Words Cover

You are what you do on a regular basis… so I’m getting back in the habit of writing little bits of story!

These aren’t polished pieces, nor will they necessarily belong to a larger story or an established universe. They are just creative brain dumps of a minimum(ish) of 500 words.

Stories are listed in chronological order with the newest stories at the top.

Translation Failure: 988 words March 20, 2023
It’s a long cold road between the stars. Another stab at a r/WritingPrompts response. (Science Fiction)

We Are the Children: 281 words October 5, 2022
Making teenagers save the world is a kinda a crappy move, dude. r/WritingPrompts post. (Portal Fantasy)

Footnotes: 799 words July 10, 2022
Relationships grown in the margins. A reply to a r/WritingPrompts post. (Science Fiction)

For Glory : 420 words June 9, 2022
There’s an evil that lurks in the woods beyond the castle’s walls. r/WritingPrompts response. (High Fantasy)

The Dying of the Light : 539 words May 24, 2021
Sleeping lions aren’t always dead– leave your poking sticks at home. r/WritingPrompts response. (Superhero/Real-World Fantasy)

The Place Where I Am Lying : 384 words July 25, 2020
Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling… Another r/WritingPrompts reply. (Historical Fantasy)

Sin Eaters : 867 words July 6, 2020
Crime has always been about paying your debts, one way or another. r/WritingPrompts response. (Superhero/Real-World Fantasy)

Folk Tales and Family Legends : 895 words June 13, 2020
History’s rewritten by the victors. r/WritingPrompts response. (Science Fiction)

Mementos : 403 words May 29, 2020
Old memories and misplaced dreams. r/WritingPrompts response. (Science Fiction)

Bargains : 529 words May 23, 2020
Beware of Fae bearing gifts. r/WritingPrompts response. (Science Fiction)

For Want of a Gate : 338 words March 26, 2020
Worldbuilding. Filing off the serial numbers to build a non-Stargate Atlantis home for Imaginary Gate Team 5. (Science Fiction)

A Promise is a Promise : 604 words September 17, 2018
Very silly. A demon asks for a promise instead of a soul. (Real-World Fantasy)

Sins of the Father : 538 words September 8, 2018 September 8, 2018
Anane talks about the Black family curse. (Real-World Fantasy, Baron’verse)

I Don’t Need Your HEAs : 438 words September 16, 2018
Random soulmark ‘verse because I haven’t ever played in one of those. Reasons. I have thems. Fake song lyrics, depressing soulmarks, angst, and more angst. (Real-World Fantasy)

Like Cats and Dogs : 405 words August 27, 2018
Magical Companion Animals who are doing just fine without humans, thankyouverymuch. (Fantasy)

Not That Kind Of Werewolf : 554 words August 23, 2018
Modern-day urban fantasy with a pair of mated wolves whose meet-cute is less cute and more snarky. (Real-World Fantasy)