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What it says on the tin!

  • Camera Angles (Strip #13: Speaking In Tongues)

    Camera Angles (Strip #13: Speaking In Tongues)

    Khriss is the homeworld of the catfolks, because… reasons? (And has nothing to do with Khriskin which was an RPG catperson I’ve had for eons. *shifty looks*) As you can see my ability to draw people was still hovering somewhere around a zero, but my ability to draw flailing cat tails was a 5! 😉

  • Camera Angles (Strip #12: Scooby-Doo Where Are You?)

    Camera Angles (Strip #12: Scooby-Doo Where Are You?)

    …Okay, so there might be some of these strips I really want to redraw. *winces at the last panel* But comics are a learning process! This comic makes a little more sense if you know that the Quan are actually capable of talking and not just pets. They are actually just as intelligent as everyone else and perfect mimics, so their speech (when forced to step outside the swiss-army-knife of ‘quan’) is pre-recorded bits of other conversations. How I was supposed to pull that off in a comic was… confusing.

  • Camera Angles (Strip #11: Running Out Of Jokes?)

    Camera Angles (Strip #11: Running Out Of Jokes?)

    It’s sort of amazing the number of things I couldn’t draw back when I started this comic. Fingers, arms, cat heads… I may not be perfect, but I’m a lot better! Would be hard not to be, to be honest. To be fair, practice was what this comic was all about! At least when it started. (Then it spiraled out into actual plotlines, which I wasn’t expecting. Whoops!)

  • Camera Angles (Strip #10: Innocent Remarks)

    Camera Angles (Strip #10: Innocent Remarks)

    Ahhhh violence! …and badly draw humans. I have a theme? *wince* I hadn’t noticed before, but  the size of Quan varies considerably in the first few comics. I do/didn’t have the best grasp on how to keep relative sizes straight, although I get a little better. I did a bunch of in scale character sketches when I did the old About page, and that really helped.

  • Camera Angles (Strip #9: Lights! Camera! Action!)

    Camera Angles (Strip #9: Lights! Camera! Action!)

    Begone fourth wall! Ah, the moment things went to heck in a handbasket for realz and I had to start drawing humans. …I’m very bad at drawing humans, but everyone has to start somewhere! (And I started at the bottom. *sighs*) This is also the first use of DRAMATIC STICK FIGURE ACTION! And it’s not the last.