Category: Writing

This category covers my original fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror, etc.) and fan fiction. My muses are a crazy bunch, so you’ll find everything from poetry and songs, to 50k NaNoWriMo insanity.

  • Tease

    Light. Lighter than breath. Lighter than the whisper of a breeze. Fingers tracing phantom paths, Dancing across your shoulders, And down. Arms resting in a lazy hug, Head tilted to read the screen, Over your shoulder. Whispered words grazing your neck. Soft smiles, felt instead of seen. A hand points, Ferreting out mistakes. Then traces…

  • Dancing in Bars

    Dancing in bars, And showing off scars, Of a thousand shattered dreams. Lost in the mist, Of an alcohol bliss, I so seldom seem to achieve. Where everyone’s friends, And no one offends, ‘Cause they’re all lost in the mist. You’re by my side, On this carnival ride, We can’t keep meeting like this. The…