Category: Treadmill Gaming

This category is all about my hobby of playing games while on a treadmill. It will sometimes wander off into theorycrafting (depending on what game I’m playing at the time). Older posts in this category deal with World of Warcraft and Dual-boxing.

  • World of Treadcraft – Week 4

    World of Treadcraft – Week 4

    I wanted to say something impressive about this week– but I ended up losing one day to Lazy and two days to Feeling Dizzy and it was all much less impressive than I hoped. Oh well, I still hit 40! šŸ˜‚ This week I’m leveling Resto Druid Featherpaw and running with addons: SexyMap, Bartender4, ThreatPlates, […]

  • World of Treadcraft – Week 3

    World of Treadcraft – Week 3

    Week 3 was a holiday week, so I didn’t have high hopes going in– but I was pleasantly surprised! The days I skipped or slowed down were primarily due to headaches instead of just not wanting to walk. I also had a guildmate point out how to resize the UI (it was greyed out and […]

  • World of Treadcraft – Week 2

    World of Treadcraft – Week 2

    Week 2 was pretty much an adventure in ‘How to Not Die Leveling as a Resto Druid’ which went much better than expected. I had a few near misses where I was saved by another player (who I then inelegantly healed). Whoops. šŸ¤¦ā€ā™€ļø Thankfully I’ve kept most of my walking balance, so I’m able to […]

  • World of Treadcraft – Week 1

    World of Treadcraft – Week 1

    It feels odd starting over again at Week 1, but here we go! šŸ˜ Monday Downloaded lots of WoW updates (and some Windows ones) on the treadmill computer. Spent time on the desktop figuring out which Alt to play first (and which expansion). Featherpaw: level 11 (dinged while getting to Dalaran)Addons: SexyMap, Pawn Tuesday 8pm […]

  • Azeroth Wanderings

    Azeroth Wanderings

    So… many moons ago I regularly played World of Warcaft while walking on my treadmill. In the years since I’ve made small attempts at getting back in the habit, but nothing that’s stuck. Well, it’s a new expansion and a new year (almost) and I feel like trying again! šŸ˜‚ (To be fair, all I’m […]