Category: Microbusiness

I’ve moved from a true microbusiness to a hobby, but I’m still having fun crunching numbers to find material costs, looking into various marketing ideas, and other things business related. Older posts deal with taxes, and who knows, maybe in the future I’ll start the business up again!

  • Customizing Tools

    Of Horses and Words

    One of the things that sets me apart from other folks dreaming entrepreneurial dreams is that I’m focusing on building a retirement income, not a replacement for my day job. I expect the bulk of the work to happen now and the bulk of the income to happen later, which is at cross-purposes to everyone […]

  • Moving from eBay to Etsy

    The internet changes fast and online sales venues change with it. Six months is forever in internet time, so five years away from the game means I have to start all over again. As I get the older customs touched up and the newer customs finished off, it’s time to start looking at marketplaces for […]

  • Serial Story Pricing

    In previous posts, I’ve covered the general idea of the ‘tickets to read‘ and in this post I’ll be going over the general foundation that I’m building my price points on. Nothing like a little math to spice up a rainy week! Normally I would use materials cost plus man-hours in order to calculate a […]

  • The Power of a PO Box

    Yet another step in the planning process is complete! Abet an easy step, but one that needed doing. After a quick trip through US Postal Service website, I now have all the information on what’s required to set-up a post office box. Soon that little metal door will be mine! MWHAHAHA! Achem, yes, moving on…

  • 20/20 Hindsight (or: What I’m Doing Right This Time)

    In the very simplest sense, running a business consists of exchanging a good or service for money. When I started back in 2003, this was really all I was worried about. I was going to paint model horses, sell them on eBay and make some moola. Well, that and pay taxes (of course). I […]