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I’ve moved from a true microbusiness to a hobby, but I’m still having fun crunching numbers to find material costs, looking into various marketing ideas, and other things business related. Older posts deal with taxes, and who knows, maybe in the future I’ll start the business up again!

  • Model Horse Sales Pages Rotation: Take 2

    Model Horse Sales Pages Rotation: Take 2

    I wasn’t paying attention when I created the first listing plan for Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P) and I didn’t notice that the minimum length for the renew feature to work was 1 month. So instead of running on a two week rotation, now I’ve got to shuffle things around a bit. I’ve finally gotten […]

  • March 2012 Balance Sheet

    March was once again a wash, which I’d love to blame solely on the non-business end of things going a bit haywire—but in reality I need to learn to consistently run a business even if the rest of my life goes loco. Still, I’m getting things done even if those things don’t result in sales, […]

  • Model Horse Sales Pages : Listing Rotations

    I’ve managed to roll into the second quarter without selling anything so it’s time to get serious about making a profit from the model horses—and that means getting serious about marketing! The Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P) website is the default sales/listing arena for the model horse hobby. No matter where or how people are […]

  • Saturday Story Prompt Collections

    One of my yearly goals is to find a way to repackage existing blog content in an easy-to-read eBook format in order to stock the Dollar Shelves. With that in mind, I sorted out the blog by category… and the Saturday Story Prompts (101) came in right behind the Daily Snippits (447). I figure the […]

  • USPS PO Box Addons

    I got a printout in my PO Box the other day alerting me to the new services that the local USPS has to offer—one of which seemed to be a perfect match to my own usage habits. The general gist was that they would email or text me (I could only pick one) whenever something […]