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I’ve moved from a true microbusiness to a hobby, but I’m still having fun crunching numbers to find material costs, looking into various marketing ideas, and other things business related. Older posts deal with taxes, and who knows, maybe in the future I’ll start the business up again!

  • February 2022 Microbusiness Check-in

    February 2022 Microbusiness Check-in

    Well… so far I’ve got most of the ebooks done? 😅 I’m just shy of two months into the new year and for the most part, the only things I’ve been working on in relation to the microbusiness are the ebooks and related printables. Not that the ebooks haven’t been a big project! I’m going…

  • January 2022 Microbusiness Plans

    January 2022 Microbusiness Plans

    Time to roll up my sleeves and plan out Grand Plans! 🎉 Building on the success of last year, I’m going to see if I can’t hit a few foundational goals in the coming months. Some of them are basics that I’ve been working on for a while and some are a slight pivot from…

  • The State of the Store

    The State of the Store

    I’m starting to get overwhelmed by just how many things I have left to get up in the store. But large projects are just a series of smaller projects lumped together, so I figured if I broke it out and started tracking my progress– it might cheer me up! (You can never have enough spreadsheets…

  • For Want of a Click-Through

    For Want of a Click-Through

    My blog is on a new host, my store is getting stocked… time to start trying to bring in the eyeballs! 😁 Thankfully overall traffic hasn’t dropped as much as I’d feared, due to the various issues with BlueHost. Now that things are stable again I should be able to regain the confidence of the…

  • Of Profit Motives and Other Failures

    Of Profit Motives and Other Failures

    I’ve been a bad tiny creative this year and it’s time to get my side-hustle husting again and a smidge closer to break-even before January rolls around!