Category: Coding and Blog Design

This category deals with the joys of hammering together a Wordpress based website. It may also wander off into other coding adventures, but for the moment it’s all CSS, Themeing, traffic management, and blog design.

  • Of Snoring and Dustbins

    Of Snoring and Dustbins

    I have apparently give poor Google Adwords a bit of a headache when it comes to matching adds to my content. If you take a gander at the pic to the right and you’ll find that the View From the Molehill category seems to have broken the poor thing’s brains. I don’t claim to have […]

  • Transformation Complete!

    Transformation Complete!

    I have more or less sorted out the blogs into the correct categories, although I wished I’d taken the time to rename the duplications before I did the imports. (The Fantasy category in Unquiet Bones overlapped with and I’m still not sure everyone is in the right place.) Good things to know for next […]

  • All Together Now (or: From Many, One.)

    All Together Now (or: From Many, One.)

    My husband made a very good point earlier today that has had me breaking out the note-cards and playing around with possibilities. He mentioned that he thought it would make more sense if I just combined everything into one blog instead of splitting things out into separate blogs. Having one blog would mean less logging […]

  • If You Build It… They Will Bounce

    If You Build It… They Will Bounce

    The real joy of tools like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics is that you can find out just how much of the internet looks at your webpages for 10 seconds or less. In my case, it’s all of it. Which is to be expected for two basically brand new blogs (even if the model […]

  • Varety is the Spice of Life! (and Blogs)

    Varety is the Spice of Life! (and Blogs)

    Now that things have settled slightly, it’s time to start being a bit more proactive about posting. As much fun as it is to be All Model Horses, All The Time!… that wasn’t quite the plan. I’ll be sitting down this weekend and roughing out draft posts for every August weekday. I’m hoping to get […]