Category: Custom Magnets

These are posts regarding the finished (or in-progress) customized plaster, resin, wooden, or metal magnets.

  • Fat Pegasus #15

    Fat Pegasus #15

    There’s nothing like a flashy roan to bring a twinkle to your eye– and this little guy’s got all the bling! This pegasus is painted to a black roan with dark golden eyes, wingtips, and hooves. He is coated with several layers of gloss sealer and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth… but […]

  • Fat Pegasus #14

    Fat Pegasus #14

    Technically this gal is a little too yellow to be a proper red dun, but I had a great time playing around with the colors nonetheless! This pegasus is painted a red dun, with brown mane, tail, and wings, black feather-stripes, wingtips, and hooves, two hind socks and a thick blaze. She is coated with […]

  • Wooden Whale Magnet #5

    Wooden Whale Magnet #5

    Doodle ALL the things! It seems to be a primary rule of the workbench that at least one of every object needs to end up with a doodle pattern. This lucky whale was the winner in that regard. I was originally going to do more than two colors, but as things went along I realized […]

  • Wooden Whale Magnet #4

    Wooden Whale Magnet #4

    Ever look up at the night sky and think ‘that looks like it belongs on a whale’? …what, just me? 😅 This handsome fella is a combination of a fading sunset, clouds lit up in dark purples and pinks, sprinkled with stars, and the shimmery metallic glow of a distant galaxy (or two). He’s got […]

  • Wooden Whale Magnet #3

    Wooden Whale Magnet #3

    The third whale got an oceanic-themed color pattern that’s not quite waves, but also not-not waves. I you know what I mean. 😅 Inspired by some beautiful acrylic pours on Instagram, this little gal’s got bright gold edges and inner eye-ring. Surrounged by shine, this little gal’s got the right kind of bling to light […]