Ye Olde Assorted Ramblings

  • February 2022 Microbusiness Check-in

    February 2022 Microbusiness Check-in

    Well… so far I’ve got most of the ebooks done? ๐Ÿ˜… I’m just shy of two months into the new year and for the most part, the only things I’ve been working on in relation to the microbusiness are the ebooks and related printables. Not that the ebooks haven’t been a big project! I’m going […]

  • Saturday Story Prompts [2022.02.19]

    Saturday Story Prompts [2022.02.19]

    Caught up in Writer’s Block and need a push? Why not try lifesaving opening acts, auroral nights, foreboding Fates, deadly resurrections, and daydream escapes!

  • Saturday Story Prompts [2022.02.12]

    Saturday Story Prompts [2022.02.12]

    Jumpstart your stubborn Muses with writing prompts about insidious cities, flawed evaluations, childhood memories, ancient prisoners, and inescapable entropy!