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  • Nothing is wasted out here in the void. They cling to every atom they can, but every second of every day the ancient ships and the last gasp of life from a long-dead world... decays. Saturday Story Prompt. February 12, 2022

    Saturday Story Prompts [2022.02.12]

    Jumpstart your stubborn Muses with writing prompts about insidious cities, flawed evaluations, childhood memories, ancient prisoners, and inescapable entropy!

  • January Farmhand backlog

    Farmhand #145 – Visually Distinct Cows

    This was the second ticket I finished off for jeremyckahn‘s Farmhand and the first one related to the art. Hopefully, it won’t be the last art ticket, because it was a lot of fun!๐Ÿ˜ I’m holding off on the write-up for Add a setting to hide the Home screen #234 until I’ve got a better handle […]

  • Too Old For Neverland'verse - Martha Bechtel - Blog

    Last Steps

    100 words. PG, Gen, Urban/High Fantasy. Summary: Every step is a choice.