Ye Olde Assorted Ramblings

  • Live From the Shiny New(ish) Workbench!

    Live From the Shiny New(ish) Workbench!

    Thanks to Ikea, I now have a shiny new workbench! Well, okay, technically back at the very tail end of December 2021 I got a shiny new workbench. I really thought I’d posted since then… but apparently not. ­čśů So what have I accomplished in the six months since the last update? Lots! (Thankfully!!) So […]

  • The Dread Human Jessica!

    Daily Writing Exercise:┬áModern day fantasy about why summoning humans is a bad idea. Prompt response. 576 words. Written September 18, 2018. “Wait, were you seriously going to summon her with that? I thought you said you’d done this before!” The bat-winged demon hurridly snuffed out the coffee scented candle and scuffed through the pumpkin spice […]

  • Saturday Story Prompts [2022.02.26]

    Saturday Story Prompts [2022.02.26]

    Lure in some new plot bunnies with writing prompts about edible pets, stubborn colonists, waterlogged dragons, enduring vacations, and gravedigging magic!