Ye Olde Assorted Ramblings

  • Temporal Dowries

    Daily Writing Exercise: Science Fiction. Prompt response. 195 words. Written August 25, 2018. She’s up to five future husbands now. I’ve never been quite sure if I should ask which husband they are, or if telling them will fracture the future… the same way it does when they tell me how I’ll die. I was upset […]

  • Live From the Workbench 2022-01-03

    Live From the Shiny New(ish) Workbench!

    Thanks to Ikea, I now have a shiny new workbench! Well, okay, technically back at the very tail end of December 2021 I got a shiny new workbench. I really thought I’d posted since then… but apparently not. 😅 So what have I accomplished in the six months since the last update? Lots! (Thankfully!!) So […]

  • The Dread Human Jessica!

    Daily Writing Exercise: Modern day fantasy about why summoning humans is a bad idea. Prompt response. 576 words. Written September 18, 2018. “Wait, were you seriously going to summon her with that? I thought you said you’d done this before!” The bat-winged demon hurridly snuffed out the coffee scented candle and scuffed through the pumpkin spice […]

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