Author: Martha Bechtel

  • What happened to my spaceships?

    Ya know, if someone had told me back when I was five that I’d spend most of my life doing things that weren’t ‘fun’… I think I would have crawled back into the sofa cushion fort and refused to come out. Not that I have a bad job, mind you, I just never expected to […]

  • A Dark and Stormy Night

    [WARNING: This story is very silly and contains overly emotional waterfowl. It also need editing, stat.] It was a dark and stormy night, two figures stood in the misting rain, gazing lovingly into each others eyes. They stood in silence, lost in contemplation and growing ever more besotted with one another. Finally one spoke. “I […]

  • Silent Night

    “Do not go gentle into that good night,” It’s nearing dusk and the last shards of amber light wrap around the building protectively. The tinted rays transform the peeling paint and rusty fence into a time-worn photograph. Only the swaying of the ancient dogwood’s leaves break the stillness.Everyone has their own gift. That is what […]

  • The Thirteenth Step

    One step ago the moon was bright and full, it’s light a subtle melody of red. Two steps ago the wind was but a breeze, a mild unhurried breath of quiet dread. Three steps ago the night was chill and waiting, for something hidden in the shadowed snow. And I upon that sheltered path was […]

  • Tease

    Light. Lighter than breath. Lighter than the whisper of a breeze. Fingers tracing phantom paths, Dancing across your shoulders, And down. Arms resting in a lazy hug, Head tilted to read the screen, Over your shoulder. Whispered words grazing your neck. Soft smiles, felt instead of seen. A hand points, Ferreting out mistakes. Then traces […]